Wednesday, October 17, 2007

what is photoshop?

what is photoshop?

a silly question - Photoshop - an Intro

Photoshop is basically world’s most powerful image editing program। It does not only image editing but also a powerful art tool। You can do so many things with it। like preparing graphics for the web, print, for television and cinema etc। With photoshop's latest 3d capabilities you can do so much work for 3d। It also has the power for professional photography। Lots of people love photoshop। now It does not recognise as a program। It has now become a standard for images and for Multimedia। The comman use of this program are:
Fixing images and photo retouching like - repairing pictures and images
Creating print media - like greeting cards, brouchers, business card etc.
Painting - Yes, photoshop is a serious tool for serious and amateur artists
Video - Now you can import frames from a video into photoshop and work on it.
3d - Import your 3d model in photoshop and do so many things on it.
Photograhy - to photo repairing, image retouching and for so many things like giving special effects to the picture, removing red eye problem etc.

really, photoshop is a great tool for graphic designers, web designers,video editors, 3d artist, print media and photographers

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